BMW announces its new vehicles


BMW is the next vehicular company that wants to compete against Tesla for electric vehicle market share. The idea of creating a powerful electric vehicle was, in the first place, a novelty. Top vehicular companies viewed the idea of an electric vehicle as a profitless opportunity for a brand.

There was a common misunderstanding that for creating an electric vehicle you must adjust the power of a car but Tesla changed this idea. Elon Musk’s company proved to the world that electric vehicles can have powerful high-performance and also that they can be engineered to outplay most midlevel and high-level automotive vehicles.

On top of the iNext, BMW displayed some of their electric cars being released in the near future such as the 2019 i8 coupe and i3s as well as the concept X7 iPerformance.

BMW is going for Tesla’s Model 3. For the unprepared, this model is more reasonably priced, smaller and not so complicated when you compare it to the company’s flagship, premium sedan, the Model S.

BMW’s answer to the Model 3 will be the iNext, an electric-independent vehicle boasting an unheard 435 miles of range because of its ability to hold 120kWh batteries.

If you compare these models, the Model 3 and Model S only have a range of about 310 miles and 335 miles.

BMW officials have notified the publicity that later this year the iNext SUV prototype will be released. They are planning to put it on the road in 2021. The car’s design will be done based on the current SUV, the BMW x5.

Ian Robertson, Head of Marketing and Sales at BMW, said that he is very supportive of what Tesla is doing but they are also going to be very competitive with them. No matter what, Ian Robertson said that he respects Elon Musk`s work and also admires what he has done.

The iNext will also include SAE Level 3 independent capability when it hits the market, giving the car the ability to drive itself as well as offer consistent on-road feedback to the driver. What`s even more exciting is that one year after the iNext is released, the car will have level 4 autonomy, which will allow drivers to safely take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

BMW also displayed their new 2019 BMW i8 coupe as well as few of their upcoming reiterations of their latest electric vehicles.