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Ferrari strikes again


To all familiar car maker, Ferrari, has created a series of iconic vehicles that everyone has longed for over the decades. Truth be told, everyone has thought about buying a Ferrari at least once in their lives. The brand became a status symbol providing all levels of luxury as well as Hollywood. But now Ferrari wants to create the next electric supercar.

Although the supercar company is famous for creating some of the most refined designed and technologically improved vehicles, Ferrari does have their work cut out for them. Tesla’s Model X, as well as Model S, have proven to be impressive feats of engineering, vehicles who can with no doubt compete with or outperform some of the world’s fastest vehicles. Also, it seems the newly announced Tesla Roadster is going to outperform most hypercars.

At the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, it has been formally announced that Ferrari is going to challenge Tesla Inc. with its new advanced battery-powered supercar, as well as they will open the floodgates for electric innovation in the high-end automotive market.

All of these announcements just add up with the Marchionne’s promise to have Ferrari hybrid technology by 2019 and his announcement last year, where he said that the supercar company would be moving towards fully electric vehicles.

Sergio made a statement at this year’s Detroit Auto-show, in which he clarified that Ferrari is going to be first one to build electric supercar if it ever comes to one being made. He also said that everything that Tesla has done with its supercar is doable by all of them and that people are being amazed about such a small thing.

As a matter of fact, this is a drastic change of tune for the Ferrari CEO. Marchionne was firstly very skeptical about the idea of using alternative engines and new technologies. Like a lot of other companies, the Ferrari CEO thought the use of these technologies might disrupt the performance of its vehicles.

It will be interesting to see what humming effects this announcement will have on the rest of the high-end automotive market. Up till now, this market has been relatively slow in adapting with new alternative technologies but the change is unavoidable.

Furthermore, to outperform these announcement, Ferrari has plans to release the “fastest SUV” on the market by the end of 2019 or early 2020. It will be  very exciting to see how the iconic car company will evolve in the next five years.