MK4 Golf – a familly car?


When Simon Calleja’s son came along, he had to buy a comfortable family car. But that didn’t mean he had to hang up his modifying boots for good…

Since the car has a caramel centre his mate Darren came up with the nickname Rolo, and the name just kinda stuck.

You can see the logic of this when you peer through the window of this supremely sugar-sweet Mk4 Golf – it looks so deliciously caramely in there. That can very easily help you with getting kids in the car, since they like candy and this car looks like one from the inside, they will run into the car gladly without making a big fuss.

Simon explains that he has alway been into modifying cars, ever since he started doing it at the age of seventeen.

„I had a Saxo that I modified, then a Supra, and a Fiesta, a BMW 3 Series coupé, Nissan 300ZX, Toyota MR2, all of which got the treatment… but then when my son came along, I wanted to have something nice and practical so that we could all fit in comfortably when we went to shows.”

So that is how the idea of MK4 Golf got started in the first place.