Tesla announcing new emergency vehicles


Tesla gave the world a whole new way to look at electric cars. The company proved its point that electric cars shouldn’t look uglier and have less power than the usual ones, and that they can perform way better than the gas guzzlers and hybrids which are currently available in the market. Tesla Model S was the best-selling plug-in electric car in 2015 and 2016, and the company took no more time to make to the Fortune 500’s list in 2017. Tesla’s global sales have already outreached 250,000 units and they are still growing despite a minor difficulty in not meeting the delivery numbers for Model 3 due to production bottlenecks.

Tesla’s popularity is growing more and more over the time and is even more popular with police departments all over the world. The Model S is already being used as a police patrol car in Luxembourg and is used as a ‘high-pursuit’ police cruisers by LAPD. The Scotland Yard, London’s police department is already working on changing their fleet of 4000 cars into electric, where Tesla is going to be one of the providers. The main goal of London’s police department is to fight pollution with this act. Besides helping the environment, Tesla’s Model S is well known within the police departments because it has the capability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Not long ago, Denver PD has also changed the Model S into a police car, but as a part of their community outreach and events.

Since the price of these electric cars from Tesla are very high, moves like these, might not justify the use of tax-payers money at the moment. Model S and Model X do have the potential to move faster in case of emergency but no matter what, using such expensive luxury electric cars for applications like these is highly questionable.

The positive thing about this is the world’s progressive move towards accepting transportation means which do not harm the environment a lot. With Tesla launching Model 3, the budget EV last year and Volvo’s announcement to introduce only-electric and electric-assisted vehicles by 2019, the market for electric cars is definitely gaining momentum. Tesla is also constantly spreading out its network of supercharging stations. Next to that, Elon Musk’s engineers are also making constant improvement in the company’s independent driving system, Autopilot, which is meant to provide zero interaction from the driver when the hardware and software is capable to reach Level 5 autonomy.