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Volkswagen admits it`s lagging behind Tesla and Daimler in electric commercial vehicles


 Volkswagen has admitted that Tesla and Daimler are leading charge in electrifying commercial vehicles.

Reuters reports that VW management board member Andreas Renschler told German publication Tagesspiegel that maybe the German manufacturers were too slow. It could be.

For many years Daimler has been working hard on alternatively-powered trucks and has already shown off all-electric and autonomous truck concepts.

Similar to that,  Tesla will reveal an all-electric semi-truck next month as it too looks to push the commercial trucking industry into unexplored territory.

According to Renschlers words, ‚ÄúTesla has set some important and good impulses in the industry. VW is a second mover, who would rather check a couple of times more whether the standards are right.”

This electric commercial vehicle craze hasn`t only gotten to automakers.  Last year, DHL introduced a fleet of electric delivery vans that it built in-house. It intends on amplifying production to 20,000 units annually be the end of the year.