VW camper soon in the arms of a new owner


Windrush is getting ready to say goodby to one of its oldest and most celebrated client cars: an amazing and fully restored VW Camper that could be worth up to €90,000.

Windrush has stored the Type 2 van for almost five years since owner Steve Quinn put it through a large transformation process, ensuring  it with the perfect home from home in its state-of-the-art Cotswold facility.

With the benefits from the ultimate VIP treatment of the observant and careful Windrush owner and founder Tim Earnshaw, the Camper will go under the hammer at Bonhams Collector’s Motor Car auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to something of a fanfare.

When Quinn got the VW in 2008, the ‘rust-free, ex-California’ example didn’t have an engine and it needed a pretty big makeover. Now, it is one of the most celebrated models of its kind, and it gloats with new two-litre engine with a maximum power output of 100bhp.

The new seats are made of plush, there are wood panelling for the storage areas and chrome on the bumpers and rims, while the outside of the van has been restored with white and blue paint. You will also be amazed once you look into the van, too, as the Camper offers several modern tech features, including an Alpine surround sound system, DVD player and an internet connection.

Since the car completed its restoration and took up one of Windrush’s spacious bays in the Cotswolds, it’s only travelled 1,800 miles and was assigned for the  finest treatment from Windrush’s team of professionals.

Windrush is well-known for being a luxury spa for cars. Every vehicle that comes through the exclusive doors is treated in the best way possible, with the best care and is fully managed throughout its stay. In addition to that they are also kept in a high-security, dehumidified and climate-controlled environment to make sure that the conditions are perfect.

Around-the-clock security, daily checks and connection to an automatic battery conditioner adds to the pampering, and Quinn’s VW Camper is one of many  desirable vehicles that has been treated like a VIP and had its staggering value protected.

Founder and owner of Windrush, Tim Earnshaw, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to see Steve’s Camper going under the hammer with Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. When I introduced the pair recently, I knew the union would be special and I can’t wait to see how much the van fetches at Goodwood. We were trusted to keep the van in absolutely pristine condition after restoration; taking it back from Steve after his modest use and making sure it was pampered until he next wanted to get behind the wheel. Steve is a real lover of all things 1980s, and the VW is just one of his incredible vehicles that Windrush has been trusted with over the years. We’re looking forward to continuing our great relationship even after the incredible Camper has found a new owner.”

VW Camper owner Steve Quinn can not belive what a good job Windrush team did with his camper and how they kept it in its best condition. He said that they did an amazing job and althoug he loves the Camper it is time to pass it to someone else. By his words, he will certainly be recommending Windrush to whoever is lucky enough to get it at auction.